Inspiring Youth

Troublemaker Foundation was created under the premise that each individual has within himself or herself the power of self-determination. It's time to unite and encourage one another to reach our potential and succeed at life.

It starts with these three steps:


We believe these three steps can make the world of difference for anyone who has been picked on, bullied or saddled with a label—like 'Troublemaker'. Everyone is special in their own way and has a unique gift to offer the world.

These steps were made to help young people fully accept who they are, identify their goal or dreams, and then give them the tools to help achieve them. We believe feeling comfortable in your own skin is a universal necessity.

Troublemaker Foundation does its best to assist young people going through any challenge by helping them identify and apply their innate abilities.

Founded by Corey Craig, Troublemaker Foundation has inspired many young people to identify and commit to achieving their full potential. Corey Craig was once a rambunctious troublemaker with no clear direction. With the help of a few mentors and a lot of hard work, he now lives in Los Angeles, California, where he pursues his dream of becoming a professional artist and entertainer. He firmly believes that part of the process of achieving one's goals is helping others identify and commit to achieving theirs. This is key to his 'lead by example' approach. Corey now tours the country with an in-person presentation to achieve one of his goals to reach out to as many young people as possible, sharing his story and passing on his keys to triumphing over any obstacle. 

The Three Steps

Many times in a young person’s life, things become overwhelming. All the focus is centered on fitting in, making sure you do or say the right thing. And a relentless inner voice: “I’m not pretty.” “I’m too fat.” “Why can’t I be popular?” The weight of other people’s opinions can crush your spirit and control the way you live your life. 

At the Troublemaker Foundation we believe the first step is looking in the mirror and fully accepting who you are. No matter what label you have been associated with, tell that person in the mirror that they are worthy, incredible and unique, just the way they are. If you believe it, so will others.

Tell the doubts, the insecurities, the self-conscious part of your brain to simmer down. After all, Eleanor Roosevelt said: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

The ownership of who you are and the belief that your self worth comes from within is the first step.  

Now you are ready to take the driver’s seat and control your destiny. Life is full of possibilities. What is your goal or dream? Nothing is too big or too small. Tell the fear of failure to pipe down! Look inside yourself and picture what would make you happy and fulfilled?  Would you like to be a veterinarian? A professional soccer player? A teacher? Once you visualize the goal, write it down. Tape it to your wall, and tell it to five people. Sharing your goal is leading by example. It’s inspiring. Get excited! Do not worry, goals and dreams can change over time. Simply set a small goal for now. What is important now is that you do not settle and that you dare to dream big. Punch the metaphorical ‘ceiling’ that is telling you can’t do something, or that you are destined to be like everyone else. Hold yourself accountable to make sure you always believe that you can achieve anything. ext, we are all in this together. So it’s time to build your team/support system. Like the common expression says, ‘you are who your friends are’ so choose wisely. Encourage each other to work hard, and inspire others to identify what they would like to achieve. Everyone in this world has something special to contribute, and a little encouragement is all someone needs to find it. Stay positive, own your dream, and never stop believing because the sky is truly the limit.

Now you have overcome your obstacle. You have conquered your
fears and you have triumphed! 

Even if this is just a small victory in your long journey, you should feel incredibly proud of yourself. You took the reigns and made it all possible. Reap the rewards because you deserve them.

Just remember that with power, comes responsibility. It is now time to stay humble, to press forward towards more milestones, and to make
sure you help others along the way.
Make it a goal to say hi to someone new, and ask them how their
day is going. You never know what another person is going through, and part of achieving is spreading the positivity to others.
Life is journey, and it is to be enjoyed. Live and love life. 
Accept. Empower. Achieve.