"Thank you so much for standing up for my dream
 to be the astronaut who does the first solo flight to the moon today! It meant A LOT TO ME! I'll think of you when I'm on the moon! "
- Tyler, Student

"It really meant a lot to me to hear you say that we can do great things and that you believe in us. There are way too many teachers that don't seem to care. Thanks for taking time out of your day to come talk with us and help all of us. You're such a huge inspiration. No matter what happens in life, whether I continue singing and performing, help others through social work, or just make it through with a good attitude, I'll remember the words that you said today."
- Emily, Student

"You inspired me so much that I've been working extra hard writing my stories!"
- Katlyn, Student

"The speech was AMAZING and really inspiring! I always wanted to become an actress ever since i was little, but after your speech, I feel I can do anything! Keep being a great person and never change. But if you do change, change in a good way!"  
- Mia, Student

"I was having a terrible day and your inspiration gave me the confidence I needed. I will never forget this day. I will also try my hardest to accomplish my dream!"
- Megan, Student

"Corey came and spoke to two of my classes at Northeast High School in the Spring of 2013. He was such a great motivational tool for my students and was able to connect with each and every one of them. Corey was able to break down the comfort wall that high school students typically have and the message he delivered - that each of them is special and can achieve what ever they want to - stuck for the remainder of the school year. I would be honored to have Corey come and speak to my future classes and highly recommend him as a motivational speaker."
- Adrienne Thomas, Teacher, Lincoln Northeast High School

"Corey is a participant in the BookPALS Foundation and has been reading to the students in my kindergarten class. The children anxiously look forward to his coming to class each week and in fact remind me Monday mornings with much enthusiasm that Corey is coming to read to them after math. Corey is in tune with what the boys and the girls like to listen to. He brings a variety of books and reads with much theatrics to keep the children entertained and while doing so, shows them his love of books. Corey is very dedicated to coming to my class and his dedication is much appreciated by both the children and me."
- Cindy French, Teacher, Toluca Lake Elementary School

"Corey was a troubled young man as a 9th grader in my Spanish class, he was in trouble all the time. Now, Corey has achieved amazing success with his acting and comedy careers. He came to speak to the students in my classes last May and had an incredible impact on them. His message to them that they can achieve their dreams lasted far beyond that day. Many of them are still in contact with him and I believe that he changed some lives with his speech. Corey has a unique way of connecting with the students so that they listen more carefully and take his message to heart. I recommend Corey very highly as a motivational speaker."
- Nancy Smith, Teacher, Lincoln Northeast High School

"You made such a huge impact on my daughter today at Lincoln Northeast High. Thank you for sharing your life experiences first hand with young adults there. It is in this way that they will come to hear the message they need to hear... from someone other than a parent! Thank you again!"
- Anne, Parent

"During a difficult period in my young son’s life I contacted Big Brothers, which as most know, is a volunteer supporting mentor network. Through this process we were introduced to Corey. My son connected immediately with Corey and the time they spent together is still cherished to this day. Corey was a responsible, wonderful role model for my son, while still maintaining a young boys perspective of “awesomeness”. Corey came with a smile and optimistic personality that was infectious to us all as a family. He found his way into our hearts and will remain there forever."
- Tracey Franklin, Parent