Share Your Goal

"My dream is to be a professional artist and entertainer. I would like to take care of my Mom and family, as well as give back to kids and help them follow their dreams."
- Corey Craig, Toluca Lake, CA

"I would like to be the first person to fly solo to the moon, land, and fly back to Earth." 
- Tyler M, Lincoln, NE

"I'd like to graduate high school and be able to travel as I further my education. Also, I want to help other people."
- Emily S, Lincoln, NE

"My goal is to tell great stories through film, and TV. Oh, and to never, EVER grown up!"
- Bill S, Los Angeles, CA

"I would like to use my writing to better the world."
- Walter M, San Diego, CA

"My dream is to become the next American Idol."
- Megan S, Lincoln, NE

"I'd like to become a New York Times best selling author."
- Kat Lyn B, Lincoln, NE

"My basic goal in life is to succeed, and be happy and not regretful for all the choices I'll make in life."
- Lena, Lincoln, NE

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